Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free Acts of God Coverage from Direct Link

September 26 2009 flashes back a scene of devastation and fear of what seemed to be an endless downpour that was tropical storm Ondoy. BMWs, Porsches, brand new and second hand cars submerged in thick mud, and upon rescue, stacked up on top of another like a boy playing his soiled and worn-out matchbox cars.

Somewhere in between fear and anxiety is the overwhelming reality that when nature strikes, there is no escaping. Ondoy literally swallowed up dream cars and dream homes. Its harrowing aftermath can be summed up as fruits of decades of hard work all gone in a matter of hours (nay, seemed seconds for those stranded on their rooftops or inside their cars).

While there can be no escape from nature’s anger, there can be freedom from the fear and anxiety that goes with the idea of “not being in control”. Car insurance, for instance, affords you peace of mind amid such unfortunate situations as when your car gets wrecked in an accident, if it got stolen, or an accident involving your car that left a property damaged or a person injured. All of these, without car insurance, can be financially crippling.

Having insurance is probably the smartest decision one can make at least to cushion the blow if and when the unexpected unfolds. Otherwise, driving becomes as wild as skating on thin ice.

However, for those with car insurance, checking the fine print goes without saying. There are perils (or causes of possible loss or damage) that are not automatically covered under the standard car insurance policy. Many learned this the hard way. A lot of Ondoy-related claims were denied because the insurance policy did not have coverage for acts of God or acts by forces of nature such as earthquake, typhoon, flood, volcanic eruptions and the like.

At the height of the Ondoy buzz, when every car owner seemed to want an AOG coverage in his insurance policy at all costs, one insurance brand, Direct Link Car Insurance, made an adroit response by offering it free of charge for a limited period of one week.

It has been almost a year since the devastating flood of typhoon Ondoy. Indeed the tragedy left many Filipino families grieving over shattered dreams. But the experience made us stronger as a nation, wiser and future-smart as individuals. Ondoy simply reminded us that emergency is a fact of life. Hence, building dreams entails making sure they are guarded.

In celebration of the many lessons from the country’s experience of Ondoy, one being heightened insurance awareness, Direct Link offers Free Acts of God coverage for those who will secure comprehensive car insurance within the month of September. For details and reservations, Direct Link’s hotline is 813-LINK (813-5465) or visit

Direct Link is Philippines’ pioneer in telephone-based direct-to-consumer car insurance marketing. Member of giant conglomerate UCPB Group, Direct Link has as of today over 10,000 happy customers and some of the most sought after customer service awards including, 2005/2006 National Shoppers’ Choice, 2006 Marketing Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Car Insurance and 2009 Asia Brand Excellence Award for Best Online Car Insurance.