Saturday, August 7, 2010

Have you heard of The Gossip?

One of the few albums I can bear listening to right now is Music for Men by the band Gossip. According to Wikipedia, the band is a three-piece American indie rock band that started out in 1999. Aside from indie rock, their music can also be placed in the post-punk, garage rock, and dance-punk sub genres.

The lead vocalist, Beth Ditto’s voice is pitchy and high, which for me works just well to balance the hard-pounding drum beats and strong guitar plucks. Hence the “gospel voice with a funky punk tune”

I’ve actually discovered the band just last year when I saw their video for Love Long Distance on the now defunct MTV Philippines.

Since then, I made a mental note in my mind to try their other songs too, so I got a copy of Music for Men. I love the whole album because no song really wears me out, but the ones that stood out aside from Love Long Distance is Heavy Cross, where her gospel-like voice is best distinguished but vanishes in the chorus part where she screams her lines. The drum and guitar parts in this song are what I love the most because they bring so much emotion, at least for me. Aside from Heavy Cross, I love 2012 because of its upbeat, danceable, head-banging tune.

Other places I’ve encountered Gossip’s music:

Radio 1’s Live Lounge Volume 2 – Standing in the Way of Control

Radio 1’s Live Lounge Volume 4 – Heavy Cross

Skins – Standing in the Way of Control

The Vampire Diaries – Heavy Cross

You can buy their album Music For Men here

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