Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oceana lets you Taste the World

Not feeling the Mall ambiance, the crowd and the noise that comes with it?
But needs to be within the vicinity of one.

Well then, Oceana is a good spot to dine. Add Image

Situated at the cornermost part of SM Mall of Asia's By the Bay (Near One Esplanade).

A restuarant detached from the main mall that provides a different feel.
Atleast for a while, you'll forget that you're in a nearby shopping center.

It's like being in another place, far from from the hustle and bustle.
It takes you to a gastronomic tour around the world.

Been there a few times for a wedding, to simply check the place, but didn't try to dine, thinking it's pricey.

Yet when we finally did, we were surprise that the food are accordingly priced
Not at all expensive, atleast not as what we've expected.

After settling at our table. we were excited and ready to TASTE THE WORLD.

They served us ONION SOUP, compliments of Oceana.

Then We ordered TASTE OF KYOTO for appetizer

Breaded veggies, chicken yakitori, and sushi.
If you have a small appetite, it can be a meal already, especially with the big cuts of sushi.

Four Seasons Shake

For our main course, We were served TASTING BARCELONA

It's a large plate full of rice mixed with seafood, slices of sausage and pork.
Didn't we just had big bites of SUSHI?

That's when we really proved that they do have large servings,
We had more than what we can take.

A piece of advice.
Their serving per meal on the menu is already good for 3 to 4 persons.
They told us about it before ordering but we still went through on ordering two sets.

If you're just a couple dining, you could order one meal with variations.
Like the Taste of Kyoto. That would cost you a little below P500.

For a group of four, ordering two sets would be enough to satisfy your hunger.
Costing your group only about a thousand. That's P250 per person.

Things I like about Oceana:

The food was great, and again affordable.

Of course, it's CCA.

The table setting and theme of the restaurant.

It's not located inside the mall

It's by the bay, and beside it is a mini park.

The calm setting, you can really have a good conversation.

You can watch while the Teacher Chef and the students prepare your food.

We enjoyed our dinner and loved the place.
Will be trying out next time with a group of friends.
Then maybe go watch a movie at IMAX after.

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