Wednesday, August 4, 2010

UST College Days Nostalgia

Happen to pass by Dapitan St. a few months back. Can’t help but to take snapshots of the places our college life at UST revolved in.

We used to frequent these spots and now it’s all just memories.

Asturias St. was our go-to place for anything and everything we needed. From index cards, folders, clear book, photocopying and binding.

Gifts, stationery, cards, flowers, teddy bears.

Red Image Photo Studio, several net shops, Fujifilm Photo Developing Studio, Video editing studios

Add to that the usual tambayans: Lovelite and it’s Footlong Rice and P25 shake; the food stall next to Lovelite that offers the same menu (we go there when the queue at Lovelite is long or when it’s closed); either have lunch or have early inuman at Tapsi; mani, fishball and kikiam stalls.

Of course, when we can’t think of anywhere else to eat, there’s Jollibee.

Who would have thought that you can find all these in just one block. Amazing, remembering it now.

The building at the back is the Central Library. My second home during college. It houses the Ed-Tech studio which handles the Tomasian Cable Television.

I was a very dedicated member then, was even assigned as the Management & Properties Head and produced several documentaries and canned shows.

Wasn’t able to go back after college though, I miss everyone there and I wonder how’s the organization now. Reunion, anyone?

This is the intersection of Espana Blvd and P. Noval, the streets nearest to the CFAD gate and Gymnasium gate.

What’s memorable? 1611, Zagu, P.E classes, AB Cheerleading practices and competitions, UST Church, and the football field.

Sigh, suddenly missing college.

Remember this Credits MTV?
Miss my broadcomm groupmates.

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