Friday, August 21, 2009

Penniless Loafers.

I was planning on buying a pair of wedge sandals to quit myself from matching my gold-turned-greenish brown metallic flip-flops with every outfit that I have in my closet until I passed by my sanctuary – ukay-ukay. I know, cliché. And I don’t have any intentions of labeling myself as a self-professed ukay queen because I’ll only add up to the hundreds of ladies who designate themselves to that position. Maybe I’m just good at the industry but I don't rule. ;)

Moving on, my eyes happened to see this really nice pair of light mustard-yellow shoes. It looked like my boyfriend’s Sperry so I assumed it’s another species of the top-sider family. And having been an ukay patron for almost half a decade, I’ve now expertly developed this skill called LISTENING TO THE “CALLING”. And this duo definitely called me loud and clear! So I grabbed it and flipped it over to see the size, and bingo, size 37. I slipped them on and boy, they fitted perfectly! Of course I bought them!

Apparently, they’re not top-siders. It’s a pair of Penny Loafers – some shoe invention during the late 30’s. Outdated me, alright. At least now i'm aware.:p

And since these shoes commemorate our dear 500-Peso Bill man, Ninoy Aquino through its EDSA Revolutionary yellow color , i officially name them my PENNINOY LOAFERS. Now that's vintage. :))



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