Saturday, August 22, 2009

one hand and an IPhone.

“What can you do with one hand?” says Conner thru a text message in an attempt to save Mason from a client who demands a tagline for his telecoms company. Client likes it, err loves it…but not until a few days, when the tagline suddenly stirred something else other than text messaging.

And so that episode from ‘Trust Me’, a television series on advertising, popped into my head after seeing on the internet a cover of the The New Yorker magazine. Known for its illustration covers, the magazine showcased yet another stunning work from illustrator Jorge Colombo for its June 1 issue. With his IPhone as a canvass, and his hand as the paintbrush, Colombo drew the scene before him while standing outside Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Times Square. He used Brushes, an IPhone application that allows user to experience natural media painting. It also records the user’s actions when painting which can be viewed via Brushes Viewer.

Amazing isn’t it? At first glance, many will think that Colombo’s work is just another painting, but there’s such awe after learning it was finger painted using a mobile phone. It’s on the cover of The New Yorker, and that alone is a statement. Although for Colombo it’s not big of a deal that his work is a virtual finger painting, still it is a refreshing thought to know that a publication about 80 years old embraces the possibilities of technology on its cover and pages.

What can you do with one hand and an IPhone? The list is endless: from the simplest of calling and texting, to the more complex like poker, spy cams and yes, painting.

Personally, I wasn’t all gaga about IPhone when it first came out. While everyone else was calling their relatives in the US to get one for them, I was just in a corner apathetic about the whole IPhone craze. Not until recently. The need for a new IPod, and okay admit it, for a new phone, makes me now crave for an IPhone. I’m actually saving up to buy one. And maybe aside from ITunes and a bunch of Fall Out Boy songs, I’ll get that Brushes application.


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