Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two Shots and Fighting

My left arm’s still sore. And it’s because of the second shot that I had yesterday afternoon. My first didn’t hurt this bad, actually. Or maybe the person who injected that liquid to my bloodstream just didn’t know how to make the process less painful.
I’m talking about cervical vaccine.

I had my first last June. And it’s almost the end of August. As far as I know, I should’ve taken it last month. But as far as my routine is concerned,
my schedule for a second shot is not noted on my desk planner. And that’s if I even write anything on my desk planner. My bad. Whatever.

I joined the anti-HPV bandwagon primarily because my grandmother died of breast cancer and my mom just had her own finding of cervical cancer. I’m not scared of my genetics to be honest. I just worry about not being able to save up a lot of money to get myself hospitalized in case I get diagnosed. Helpless, right?

So I took advantage of our company’s medical benefits. Each shot costs around Php 3,000 or more in the market while it’s only Php 2,000 here (yes, I’m blogging during office hours). And since I opted to use my medical expense reimbursement privilege for that matter, I got two shots for FREE and will only be paying a grand for the third which is scheduled 5 months from today. It definitely sounds way cheaper than undergoing those strictly-for-the-rich-only treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.
This was the shot given to me. Prices actually range from as low as Php 2,000 to as high as Php 6,000 depending on the brand. You may compare Cervarix and Gardasil for reference. And most importantly, see first if you're qualified for a shot.

It wouldn't hurt to click on these links to be informed.
Just the needles, though, so good luck. :)

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