Monday, September 7, 2009

Taken Away by Taken by Cars

NOW I have my OWN favorite band…again.

The last band that I put on top of my fave’s list was The Corrs – with their Forgiven, Not Forgotten album - released last quarter of ’95. Hence, I realize how fussy I am when it comes to favorites.

I couldn’t exactly tell the mood I got into the first time I saw and heard them on MTV but whatever that was, it didn’t make me want to switch the channel. They looked Pinoy, I thought, but they didn’t sound like the usual OPM played by the very “energizing” and “no-need-to-memorize” FM stations that every killer bus that passes through NLEX would unconsciously tune in to.

They are so far from that; they played like something else.

Their music sounded electric, or maybe rock with a hint of techno, with a female vocal, which probably balances the whole arrangement and makes it airwave-friendly (fair description coming from one hip-hop and RnB patron). Kinda like a lady version of the Broken Social Scene, but not.

I normally can’t stand listening to music without that ‘krumping’ effect but this time it’s different.

I like Taken by Cars!... No, I love Taken by Cars!

And today I shall be breaking up with my long-time blinged out boys.


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