Thursday, October 8, 2009

Skipping the trend

I’m magazine-dependent when it comes to mod. Browsing through each page makes me feel in-the-know of the newly implemented rules in dressing up. It guides me on what I should and shouldn’t wear – quite ironic when I seem double the size of the models that I look at. Fashion is always current. Basically I’m taught about what’s in and out in the industry. But scrutiny aside, it doesn’t express the real me. In fact, my style is dictated and possibly manipulated by just another person – the author or the editor of the article.

So how do I turn the table ‘round and become the subject of the magazine’s future write-up?

Answer: Fashion expressed by identity confusion.
It can’t exactly reflect what’s “in” but it can definitely influence whatever lies ahead.
Imagine a floral skirt and a hardware-made leather jacket…or an off-white lacey top matched with buckled biker boots…or a satin cocktail dress and a pair of heeled sneakers...

Crazy? Maybe not next year.


Thanks to Scott Schuman’s The Sartorialist.


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