Friday, July 23, 2010

Have Breakfast at Perfect Loaf Bakery & Cafe

Attending Holy Mass in Holy Rosary Parish Church at 6AM to catch the English session leaves you with a few choices for breakfast afterwards. Not a lot of restaurants and food stalls are open that early.

Fast food chains would be the usual option, but during this visit I didn’t let it happen. Been in Pampanga several times already, and I just have to try something new.

After making rounds and looking for a place, we finally find just the right spot to have our morning meal.

The Perfect Loaf Bakery & Café in Angeles, Pampanga. Just around Nepo Mart and the Holy Angels University.

It has the ambiance that fits the morning chill mood, and that I really like. I enjoy having breakfast with a setting that gives you that good sunshine vibe. When you have that feeling in the morning, it carries on for the rest of the day.

As for the food, you can choose from their Pinoy ‘silog’ favorites or prefer to have American breakfast. Of course, their bakery has lot of bread choices and I must say that it’s all reasonably priced. Price range: Bread starts at 12php to around 60php. Meals are at 80php to 150php.

I had Waffle with Cinnamon and Sausage, I also tried their clubhouse sandwich, enjoyed it both. But not the coffee. It’s not strong enough for me.

I bought cheese breads and ensaymadas for pasalubong. Had a hard time choosing because there are just so many breads and you just want to try everything.

It’s a good breakfast experience. It saved me from eating fast food set meals that day.

The next time I’ll attend mass in Angeles, this would be my to-go place.

Perfect Loaf Bakery & Cafe is located at Teresa Avenue, Nepo Mart Complex, Angeles CityTel No. (045) 888-6625 / (045) 323-4282


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